As a leading provider of men's and boy's haircuts in Tucson, we take pride in offering the best quality hair style services. We are, and for over 25 years, have been dedicated to serving the haircut needs of our clients each and every day.




Experienced Barber with the ability to do all styles, from flat-tops to gentlemen’s cuts. He is more than happy to converse about anything, especially sports, and mostly the Chargers. He has been a barber for over 40 years and is the leader of our barber shop.



A Roffler trained barber, Dan has been cutting hair since 1969.  His experience and knowledge provide a vast array of talents. Get him talking about current events or classic cars, and your hair cut will be done before you know it.



Les is our resident video game and tech nerd. Talk to him about the latest movies, TV shows and craft brews. Seinfeld trivia is always encouraged.  He excels in many types of hair cuts including tapers, fades, flat-tops and gentlemen’s cuts. Give him a chance and you are guaranteed to have a great cut!



Don't let his youthful look fool you, Will has been cutting hair for a long, long, long time. This experienced barber is able to cut any style. Fades, tapers, pomps, gentlemen's cuts and more.  There's always something interesting to talk to him about - video games, movies, stonks and even crypto shenanigans!



Phillip was born and raised in Tucson. He’s a huge sports fan and an even bigger sneaker head.

He also loves movies, video games, and tech of all sorts. Phillip excels in fades, tapers, undercuts, and many other modern styles. Give him a try!



Starting from humble beginnings, Carlos began cutting his own hair in highschool and continued on to cutting close friends and family out of his garage. He's a huge fan of anime, starwars and sneakers. His hobbies include lifting weights, trying new foods and going to the movie theater. He excels at Fades, tapers and gentleman's cuts but is fully capable of other styles, old and modern.